About Us

A group of locals saw the potential of 'The Chalet' which was in foreclosure, they formed a new company "Radium Chalet Ltd." and in February 2015 they took possession of what was formerly the 'Chalet Europe' and began renovations and updating. Members of the ownership group also run other valley businesses, including Rocky River Grill, The Station Pub, Gerry's Gelati Café Invermere, Gerry's Gelati and Mini Golf Radium, as well as Stolen Church Coffee Co. We are excited about the opportunity to be involved in a new venture and to offer partnerships and alignments when possible between our collective businesses.

Managing partner Emelisa Ombing, who was born in the Philippines, originally came to the Columbia Valley to work at the Fairmont Timeshares. Emelisa comes to this venture with a hotel management background and lot of cleaning experience (her and her husband own J. Benedict Cleaning Services, also Emelisa and a partner own & operate the Invermere Dry Cleaners).